The Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic

Posted by D on 13 December, 2009 in Random | 11 comments

Today, I, along with another 50 or so fellow Sydney food bloggers were invited to get together for a Christmas picnic in Hyde Park by fellow Sydney bloggers Chocolatesuze and Grab Your Fork. The only catch – we each had to bring one dish and a food-related kris kringle present.

So after a night of putting canapes together and a slight detour when I got the meet-up location slightly mixed up, I walked tentatively towards a large group of people all standing around what I could only assume from a distance to be a large array of culinary delights. Of course, the abundance of cameras everywhere were a dead giveaway too.

Adding my contribution to the already decent spread, all the food went untouched for a respectable amount of time to allow for everybody to take all the pictures they needed. We all posed for an anonymous group shot and then it was time to dig in.

Peanut Butter & Bacon Cupcakes

Winner for the most innovative dish definitely were the peanut butter and bacon cupcakes which was made by Grab Your Fork (featured below). I’ve always been tentative of the idea of having meat in desserts, but in this case, the peanut butter topping was saltier than the bacon itself which in the end meant in a strange way that it all went together quite well.

Fairy Bread, Cornflake Crackles & Coco Pop Crackles

Ah, the simple things. Seeing these three presented all together brought back many memories of primary school bake sales. :)

Kris Kringle

After all the eating, mingling and more eating until we were all at an uncomfortable dilemma of wanting to try more of the goodies but didn’t have the stomach space to afford it, we moved on to giving out the kris kringle presents. In this case, the presents weren’t predestined to a certain someone. Instead, we each drew a random number, and then going one after another we were invited to either open a new present or steal (borrow) a present that had already been opened. Breaths of anticipation were held while each person opened theirs up.

At first, the stealing (borrowing) portion of the game was ignored with the majority of people unwilling to ruin social decorum by taking somebody’s present. That is, until the Food Face surfaced. The quirkiness of the item meant that everybody who was still waiting in line for their turn vied to be the last one holding it.

My present that I got was a set of Jim Bean marinade sauces. Considering this is barbeque season, I’m sure I’ll be using it sooner or later. So to whoever brought it along as their KK present – thank you!

All done for the day, we all packed up and went our separate ways. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed putting faces to blogs and of course the food was the highlight. Definitely looking forward to the next Sydney foodie event… :)

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  1. Pleasure to finally meet you! :)

    Had a lot of fun & nice food. Can’t wait for the next food blogger meet :)

    • yep…definitely great to meet you too! i can’t wait either! :)

  2. Wow, you’re fast! And great photos! Nice to ‘meet’ you but sorry if I didn’t get a chance to have a proper chat to you. Always difficult with so many ppl in one spot!

    But there’s always next time :D

    • Haha, definitely! Though I think we’ll shy away from the speed-dating way of meeting every possible face in the ‘room’. I’m sure there will be a next time!

  3. ooh nice pics dude and great to finally meet you!

    • Thanks! Great to meet you too!

  4. Great to meet you and so glad you enjoyed the Elvis cupcakes. Meat doesn’t always belong in desserts but bacon? Oh yeah…

  5. The food looks great! Very nice pics.

  6. wow you photos are so gorgeous! really have captured the fun of the day. if I am not wrong, you were the one with the biggest lens ever right? :P

    • haha…not quite the biggest lens ever… :P but i was using the 24-105…if you want to go on lens hecticness i think simon won that prize with his 24-70… :P

      would’ve loved to try yout Momofuku Bo Ssäm though…but i missed out… :(


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